Hi there! My name is Kevin.

I’m a Web Developer living outside of Birmingham, Alabama. When I’m not slinging code, you can find me streaming on Twitch, getting lost in some turn-based strategy games, cruising around the globe, or relaxing to some classical marches. I’d love to connect! Check out my social connections below or check out my stream schedule to reach out.

A Little About Me

  • I am Adobe-certified in Adobe Commerce/Magento Open Source and proud of it. Check me out on Credly!
  • I am an amateur content creator on Twitch, dabbling in gaming and coding streams fairly regularly.
  • I am proud of my Southern accent and don't hide it. Think fast but speak deliberately!
  • My favorite composer is John Philip Sousa. That said, the Fourth of July is my time of the year.
  • I enjoy cosplaying (costuming) as both existing and custom TV/Movie characters. Halloween is up there, too.
  • You will rarely, if ever, see me without my facial hair. Kevin baby face is bad face.